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Financial Basics

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Learn the basics of financial health - from managing your budgeting to making the most of your financial accounts.

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Understanding Daily Simple Interest   

How lenders charge interest can have a big impact on your interest charges - and how you should manage the loan.
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Financial Health   

The concept of financial health is the foundation of any financial plan.
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Introduction to Budgeting   

Why budgeting is important, no matter how much money you earn.
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Checking Accounts

Checking accounts are a place where income is deposited and expenses are paid either electronically or through paper checks.
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Managing Accounts   

Account management strategies for checking and savings.
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The Unexpected Benefits of Savings Accounts

A savings account can be a powerful tool for helping you manage your money.
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Credit vs. Debit Cards   

Credit and debit cards each have pros and cons. When should you use each?
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Risks and Benefits of Credit Cards   

Credit cards offer benefits for many consumers, but it's important to understand the risks of unsecured credit.
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Cutting Credit Card Interest and Fees

With credit cards, interest on your purchases is only part of the equation - late payment fees, annual fees, and cash advance fees could cost you money too.
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Building Credit   

Understanding the decisions and behaviors that can lead to improved credit scores.
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Credit Reports and Scores   

Credit reports and scores determine the rates you pay when borrowing and can affect your ability to get certain jobs.
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Reading Your Credit Report   

A detailed description of what to expect and look for when viewing a credit report.
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Alternative Financial Services

Understanding why payday loans, check cashing services, and similar services may be bad deals for consumers.
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Identity Theft

An overview of identity theft, including strategies for preventing it and what to do if it happens to you.

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Identity Theft   

Understanding ID theft and how to prevent it.
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Social Media and Identity Theft   

What you reveal online can compromise your personal and financial security.
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Medical Identity Theft   

Medical identity theft is a little-known form of identity theft with consequences affecting more than just your wallet.
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Avoiding Identity Theft

The three Ds of identity protection: Deter, Detect and Defend.
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Protecting Your Digital Information

There are many data backup solutions available designed to protect personal information that vary in their security and ease of use.
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Dealing with Identity Theft

Understanding the different types of identity theft and what to do in each scenario.
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Managing Student Loan Debt

An introduction to student loan repayment choices and strategies. Visit the Library for in-depth coverage of repayment plan options.

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Making Smart Repayment Decisions

Flexible federal student loan repayment plans can help you avoid financial trouble and reach your financial goals.
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Repayment Strategies

To repay your student loans, you need a comprehensive strategy to put your education debt in a larger financial picture that includes your income, non-education debt, and long-term goals.
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How Repayment Plan Choices Affect Loan Cost

Your repayment plan choice can greatly affect your monthly payment and the total cost of your student debt.
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Deferment and Forbearance Options

Both deferment and forbearance can help you avoid financial trouble. If you think you might qualify, reach out to your loan servicer as soon as you first experience financial difficulty.
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Managing Loans in Times of Financial Distress

You can’t always prevent financial stress, but how well you manage it will make all the difference in how successful you’ll be in meeting your repayment obligation.
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Grace and Deferment Period Strategies

Federal education loans all offer a grace or deferment period – a set amount of time during which repayment is not required. How you manage loans during your grace period can make a big difference.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

If you work in certain fields or for certain employers, a portion of your Direct Student Loan debt may be eligible for forgiveness.
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Loan Consolidation

Loan consolidation can simplify the loan repayment process, but you must review the loans you plan to consolidate carefully – once consolidated, there’s no going back.


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